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I clean your windows, so you don’t have to. Using only the best quality tools and soap solutions to clean your windows, combined with over 30 years of experience gives you an outstanding finish.

I clean all kinds of windows from churches to Dentists and Domestic Households. I also clean internal windows, all window cleaning is done the traditional method so to guarantee a spotless and smear free finish.

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A lot of businesses use gutter vacuums to clean out gutters, I have found this not to be the best way to clean out all the debris. I like to get up there and get my hands dirty, its the only way to remove 100% of the muck stuck inside your gutter and to clean the outside of the guttering, 

I also offer a photo of before and after as I appreciate how hard it is for individuals to check the insides of their gutters for themselves.

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Office windows are all cleaned traditionally. The only way to achieve a perfect finish. All jobs are risk accessed and every step is taken to make sure health and safety is of the highest standard.

I am fully insured to the sum of £5.000.000.

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The difference in a clean roof is amazing, all green algae is removed from the UPVC plastic and the windows are cleaned by hand to insure a perfect finish.

Why not make the most of you conservatory and have the roof valeted, it will look new once again Prices start from £50.00


Need a competitive quote for a cleaning job? Whatever type of exterior cleaning you reuqire I am happy to help and provide you with a free no-obliation quotion. For me details, please get in touch with me today!



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